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About Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom is new to the kratom market, but the brand has quickly established itself as a reputable, trustworthy producer. Hush has established itself as extract experts, meaning all of its products are developed using food-grade solvents to create potent, exceptionally pure kratom products. As with any brand you’ll find on Krated Shop, Hush is GMP-certified and has passed our rigorous quality-control standards. 

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About Hush Kratom

Hush uses kratom extracts instead of traditional kratom powder, which means you get more alkaloids per gram than you do with normal kratom powders. This means you get more of the active ingredient in kratom per gram, which makes each dose of kratom extract exceptionally more potent. 

Many brands offer kratom extracts, but Hush kratom products are consistently some of the strongest you’ll find today. You can expect their products, like kratom liquid shots, to be very powerful compared to other brands, which makes them ideal for customers who need potency without large volume doses. 

Customers new to kratom will need to tread carefully, as these kinds of kratom products can easily feel overwhelming. If you’re new to kratom or kratom extracts, always start with low doses and work your way up! Seasoned kratom users will enjoy the consistent performance of Hush products, and we’re happy to carry their brand on Krated!