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Kats Botanicals was established in 2016 by Justin Kats, the current CEO. Their mission from the onset of the company was and is to help their customers feel amazing through kratom products that are the safest, purest, and most effective available. Kats Botanicals have developed an impressive line of varied kratom products, which includes kratom capsules and kratom powder

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Kats Botanical is able to achieve their mission statement by being closely involved with the sourcing, and manufacturing, of their kratom products. They have formed close relationships with their farmers in Southeast Asia, where their kratom is exclusively sourced. Kats Botanicals leverages the knowledge of these farmers, who have harvested kratom for generations, to make sure that the kratom is harvested at optimal times for the best and purest product. 

Kats Botanicals is also committed to rigorous 3rd-party testing, which is a core factor in the quality-control standards. They encourage customers to request a lab report of any branded product, and welcome questions or concerns regarding quality or purity. Kats Botanicals fits exactly with Krated Shop’s standards of excellence, and we have full confidence that any product you try will meet your expectations of quality and potency.