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Mystic Labs is an established brand in the delta 8 market, but have recently begun to branch their way into the kratom market! As with all of Krated Shop’s products, Mystic Lab kratom products are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure purity, and Mystic Labs follows Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs). 

While they’re kratom product selection is still expanding, we love the quality, potency, and taste of their current available selection. You’ll love what they offer, and we can’t wait to offer you new products as they are released!

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About Mystic Labs Products

Mystic Labs has a specialty in making delta 8 gummies, and they have leveraged that expertise into making kratom gummies! Gummies are an easy, convenient way to get precisely dosed kratom without having to take the time to measure, like with kratom powder, and the sweet, gummy taste helps customers who don’t like the natural taste of kratom. 

You’ll also find kratom beverages from Mystic Labs, if you’re looking for a quick, easy way to get a powerful punch of kratom without having to take several capsules, gummies, or large amounts of powder. Extracts are usually reserved for seasoned kratom users because of their potency, so if you’re trying them for the first time, use small doses and work your way to a comfortably strong dose!