About Kratom Beverages

Kratom beverages are an easy, tasty way to get a quick, potent punch of your favorite kratom strains. You can find small containers of ready-to-drink liquids from brands like Hush, or you can use water-soluble kratom mixes from Choice Botanicals that you can add to your favorite beverages. If you enjoy kratom, but struggle with the taste, then a kratom beverage might be the perfect choice for you!

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How to Use Kratom Beverages

How exactly you use a kratom beverage will vary from product to product, so it’s important to carefully read the instructions on whatever you decide to purchase. For ready-to-drink bottles, start by drinking half the bottle (unless you know you’re ready for a very strong dose!). For kratom mixes, measure out your dose and mix into the beverage of your choice until it’s completely dissolved. 

Kratom Beverages FAQs

What is kratom liquid extract used for?

Kratom liquid extract, or any kratom beverage or liquid, is a quick, easy way to get a strong dose of your preferred kratom strain. Kratom liquid can be easier to swallow than kratom capsules, and it doesn’t require measuring and mixing like loose kratom powder does. 


Can I mix kratom beverages or mixes in drinks besides water?Yes! Water-soluble kratom mixes can be added to your drink of choice. Many kratom customers mix water-soluble kratom mixes in with tea, coffee, or fruit juices. Juices high in antioxidants, like grapefruit juice, may even give your kratom a bit of an extra kick!

Which kratom beverage should I choose?

You should choose the kratom beverage that is the best fit for you. Red, green, and white kratom strains often give customers different effects, with red being more sedative, white being more energizing, and green being a comfortable mix of the two. Consider why you are considering using kratom, and then find the kratom beverage made with the strain that is the best match!