About Kratom Powders

Kratom powders are the original kratom product, as well as the kratom choice with the least amount of processing. Whether you want red, green, white, or other strains of kratom, powders offer a cost-effective way to get precise dosing. Kratom powders are perfect for beginners who want to start with extremely small doses and work their way up to appropriate strengths, or for veterans who want potent doses with the extra expense of kratom capsules or liquids. Krated Shop offers only the best kratom powder vendors that are AKA GMP certified. 

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How to Use Kratom Powders

Most kratom powder brands, like Kats Botanicals or Choice Botanicals, will have dosing recommendations on the back of the bag. While this is a good guideline, you need to remember that different strains will affect people in different ways, and you should always consider lower, moderate doses if you are using a new product for the first time.

Once you have measured out an appropriate dose, you can mix the powder in water, tea, coffee, or another beverage of your choice.

Kratom Powder FAQs

Should I get red, green, or white kratom powder?

You should get the strain of kratom that is the best fit for the physical symptoms you’re trying to manage. Red kratom can provide strong, sedative effects that are ideal for managing acute pain or helping with sleep. White kratom can provide energetic feelings of euphoria, and is ideal for use during the day. Green kratom is a middle ground between sedative and energetic effects, and is often the choice for customers new to kratom. 

Can I mix kratom powder in fruit juice?

You can! Fruit juice is a great way to enjoy kratom powder if you love the effects but don’t enjoy the kratom taste. Be careful, though, since fruit juices high in antioxidants (like grapefruit juice) may increase the potency of the kratom product you’re using.