MIT45 Kratom Shot – Super K Extra Strong 1300mg 30ml


  • 1300mg of pure, full-spectrum kratom extract
  • Exceptionally potent for powerful results
  • Approximately 6 servings per bottle
  • Vendor is AKA GMP Qualified to meet quality standards
  • High-grade all-natural kratom leaf powder
  • Tested for quality
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MIT45 Kratom Shot – Super K Extra Strong 1300mg 30ml

MIT45 is known for having exceptionally potent kratom extracts in their products (in fact, it’s how they made their claim to fame). While they’re already known for their pure and potent kratom shots, this particular kratom beverage is extremely powerful. There is 1300mg of pure kratom extract in each 30mL, which is a very, very concentrated dose.

Customers who have not tried this product should follow the dosage guidelines (there’s about six doses per bottle) until they’re sure of how the product will make them feel and if they want a stronger dose. Experienced customers will feel right at home with the potent effects of relaxation and sedation that are common with the Super K Extra Strong kratom shot.

MIT45 Super K Extra Strong FAQs

I’ve never used kratom before. Should I buy this product?

Beginners can definitely start with this product, but it is imperative to start with small, manageable doses. If you’re concerned about accidentally taking too much too quickly, consider kratom capsules (which are conveniently pre-measured) or a less potent kratom shot from MIT45.

What’s the difference between kratom shots and powder?

Kratom beverages, like the Super K Extra Strong shot, are made from kratom extract, which helps the beverage to be concentrated and potent. Kratom powder is usually made from fermenting, drying, and crushing kratom leaves into powder, which will provide a robust flavor experience but with less concentrated potency.

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