MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot 10mg 0.5oz


  • 150mg of kratom extract
  • 0.5oz easy-to-open travel pouch
  • Mixed with honey, orange, and cinnamon for superior flavor
  • Vendor is AKA GMP Qualified to meet quality standards
  • High-grade all-natural kratom leaf powder
  • Tested for quality
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MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot 10mg 0.5oz

If you love how kratom makes you feel but struggle to tolerate the taste, then MIT45 might have a tasty solution. The MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot is designed for customers looking for a tastier kratom experience, as well as those who want to quickly and conveniently get a potent dose of kratom extract.

Each easy-to-open pouch has 150mg of kratom extract mixed with fantastic flavors, including cinnamon, orange, and honey. This comfortable dose of kratom extract is a great product for beginners to try, as well as for experienced customers who are looking for a mild, pleasant, and tasty kratom experience.

MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot FAQs

What is the difference between a kratom shot and kratom powder?

Kratom powder is generally made directly from kratom leaves, where it is ground up and sold in containers or placed into capsules. Kratom extract is a more involved process, resulting in more concentrated alkaloids that will produce a stronger effect.

Who is MITgo?

MITgo products are brought to you by MIT45, an established, reputable brand in the kratom market. MITgo is usually placed for products meant for “on the go,” use, like the MITgo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot. If you aren’t interested in a kratom shot, MIT45 has a broad library of different kratom products that you may be interested in!

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