Kats Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules 600mg


  • 70% White Vein, 20% Green Vein
  • 600mg per capsule
  • Comfortable feelings of euphoria and well-being
  • 100% pure kratom, no fillers or additives
  • Lab Tested for Accuracy
  • Made in USA
  • Tested for Quality
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About Kats Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules 600mg

Many customers look to kratom to help improve their moods, give comfortable boosts of energy or focus, and to provide a general sense of well-being. Kats Botanicals White Maeng Da Kratom capsules are an excellent choice for customers looking for these kinds of emotional results. Each 600mg capsule is full of pure, White Maeng Da kratom, which is mixed in a 70/30 ratio of white and green kratom, respectively. 

White kratom traditionally provides powerful boosts of energy and focus, but when mixed with green kratom, those energetic peaks are smoothed out, and the improvements of mood are more noticeable and enhanced. White Maeng Da kratom is a great choice for use during the day, especially if you have been looking to manage unusual low spirits or to give a boost to general focus. 

White Maeng Da Kratom FAQs

Should I use Maeng Da kratom capsules or loose powder?

Whether you use kratom capsules or loose powder is completely up to your preference. Capsules are easy to take (especially on the go) and they make dosing a simple, straightforward process. Loose powder requires more effort to dose, and you’ll usually need to mix it in some kind of drink. However, loose kratom is generally far more cost-effective, but whether it’s in a capsule or not, it’s still kratom powder!

How will White Maeng Da kratom affect me?

Any kratom strain will affect different customers in different ways, which is why you should always use care when trying a new strain or a new brand for the first time. In general, White Maeng Da kratom is reported to give feelings of general euphoria, with gentle boosts to focus and energy. 

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