MIT45 RAW Green Vein Powder Capsules 125 Count


  • 125 capsules of premium green vein kratom
  • 0.5g per capsule
  • Balanced effects of relaxation and focus
  • Vendor is AKA GMP Qualified to meet quality standards
  • High-grade all-natural kratom leaf powder
  • Tested for quality
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MIT45 RAW Green Vein Powder Capsules 125 Count

Green vein kratom is a consistently popular choice among customers looking to strike a balance between the strong effects of sedation brought on by red kratom, and the strong feelings of energy and focus often brought on my white kratom. MIT45’s Green Vein Powder Capsules not only offer green vein kratom, but they offer some of the highest-premium green vein kratom on the market, all conveniently packed into easily-dosed capsules.

Each capsule contains about 0.5g of green vein kratom, with two capsules being the recommended dose. However, more experienced users may prefer to take more than one capsule at a time. Beginners might even start with a single capsule and only increase the dose once they’re sure how RAW green vein kratom capsules will make them feel.

MIT45 RAW Green Vein Powder Capsules 125 Count FAQs

How will RAW Green Vein Powder Capsules make me feel?

How these kratom capsules will make you feel will vary from person to person (and will vary depending on how many capsules you take). In general, light doses of green vein kratom tend to provide uplifting feelings of euphoria, mild stress relief, and improved focus, while more potent doses will provide stronger feelings of relaxation and sedation.

What’s the difference between red, green, and white kratom?

The difference between the varying veins of kratom is usually the effects they tend to provide. White kratom tends to provide improved feelings of focus or energy, red kratom tends to provide very potent feelings of relaxation and sedation, while green kratom typically strikes a balance between the two.

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